Hayan un agujero en la superficie de Marte

En la foto del día publicada el 28 de Mayo de 2007, puede observarse un punto negro o "agujero" de 100 mts de diámetro aprox. sobre la superficie de Marte. Se especula que puede ser la entrada a una caverna capaz de proteger a los "marcianitos verdes" (saludos Noguez).

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2007 May 28
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A Hole in Mars
Credit: NASA, JPL, U. Arizona

Explanation: Black spots have been discovered on Mars that are so dark that nothing inside can be seen. Quite possibly, the spots are entrances to deep underground caves capable of protecting Martian life, were it to exist. The unusual hole pictured above was found on the slopes of the giant Martian volcano Arsia Mons. The above image was captured three weeks ago by the HiRISE instrument onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter currently circling Mars. The holes were originally identified on lower resolution images from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, The above hole is about the size of a football field and is so deep that it is completely unilluminated by the Sun. Such holes and underground caves might be prime targets for future spacecraft, robots, and even the next generation of human interplanetary explorers.




Author: José Luis Aguilar

José Luis Aguilar es uno de nuestros más importantes colaboradores de noticias científicas y paranormales.

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